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Piemonte - Italy  

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  “La Panoramica” in located in Bossolasco, its province is Cuneo, in the region of Piedmont.  
  The new hotel and restaurant is 25 km away from Alba, along the district road to Savona  

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  Getting to the hotel  

  From Savona: A6 highway – Direction: Turin (Torino); way out: Millesimo, then proceed to Montezemolo. Distance: 30 kms. Drive time:30 minutes.  

  From Turin: A6 highway – Direction: Savona; way out: Millesimo, then proceed to Dogliani. Distance: 35 kms. Drive time:40 min.  

  From Milan: A21 highway –way out: Asti, then proceed to Alba. Distance: 30 kms. Drive time:30 min.  


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Check here for panoramica and along with hotel
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