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The restaurant cuisine is mainly following the typical, traditional “Langhe” area gastronomy. Anyhow, other Italian dishes are prepared upon request. 
Delicious dishes are pairing with a wide choice of red wines of Alba like Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera and Freisavibrant flavoring white wines like Arneis, Favorita and Chardonnay are also present 
Our restaurant banqueting is able to host up to 300 seated people for weddings, meetings, conventions and any special event 
Closed on Tuesday 

The bar

Special events hall

Wedding hall

The truffle

Alba's raw meat 
Rabbit in a bowl with mashed beans 
Tuna pie 
“queen” salad 
“bergera” salad 
Smoked salmon with crab and prawns 
Rainbow layers 
Hot small pies with cheese, artichokes and mushrooms 
Fried mushrooms 

Plin’s agnolottis 
Tajarin (tagliolini pasta, butter and thin slices of truffle) 
Potato gnocchi 

Risotto with mushrooms 
Rustic risotto 
Risotto with fondue 
Risotto with asparagus 

Soup of beans with pork ribs 
Soup of chick-peas 
Soup of broad beans with raviolis filled with mint 

Other 1st-course dishes 
Crepes (rolled pancakes) with fondue 
Crepes (rolled pancakes) filled with asparagus
or mushrooms

Stewed veal with rosemary (typical Piedmontese recipe) 
Braised veal cooked with Barolo wine
(typical Piedmontese recipe)
Rabbit aromatized with Arneis wine 
Roast turkey and hazelnuts 
Veal escalopes cooked with mushrooms 
Roast guinea fowl 
Pork cannon-bone in Barolo wine 
Wild boar with polenta (thick maize porridge) mush 
Mixed fry (typical Piedmontese recipe based on veal bits,
frogs, apples slices)

Bunet (typical Piedmontese sweet based on almonds,
dark cocoa and caramel)
Panna cotta (cream pudding) 
Hazelnut pie 
Peach mousse laying in a raspberry sauce 
Tartelet of hot chocolate laying in a queen-apple sauce 
Ice-cream cake with torrone (kind of nougat) 
Zabaione cream with Moscato wine 


Together with our starters we suggest you
local white wines: Arneis, Favorita, Chardonay

For 1st courses (pasta or rice),
we propose a Dolcetto (red wine)
of that area (Alba, Diano d’Alba or Dogliani)

More full-bodied and hardy wines
like Barbera, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco or Barolo
are suggested for 2nd courses (meat, pork, poultry)
or cheese

Certainly a Moscato wine for sweets 

wine shop window

wine shelf


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